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Jaguar Crossbow

This crossbow is excellent for lovers who adore to shoot arrows or guns, it features a Jaguar color and a crossbow with a scope and quiver. Plus, it comes with a scope for an added touch.

Jaguar Crossbows Website

Looking for an unique and enticing crossbow for your Jaguar cat? Search no more than our our camouflage crossbows are designed only for our furry friends and are top for when they need to hide or when they need to adopt as a warning signal, the Jaguar crossbow is a powerful bow designed for use in the outdoors. It can take on any prey you put on its sights, this bow is incomplete however, as it doesn't include the ability to shoot through the bow profile which is unrivalled for precision arrow shots. With this extra shot ability, you can take on an enemy with ease, this crossbow is a Jaguar camouflage that will make a top-notch addition to your collection. With its unique style and camouflaged features, dacron 26, 5" xbow crossbow is sure to please anyone interested in this type of rifle. This is a crossbow that needs part, the end cap for the bow is missing so the crossbow needs part. The camo Jaguar crossbow extends an 175 lb draw weight and part needs part that is green in color, the string needs to be replaced with a new one or the bow end cap will not work.