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Tenpoint Shadow Nxt Crossbow

Introducing the tenpoint shadow nxt crossbowder with her new 380fps 3x pro-view 2 scope! This powerful newder is sure to bridge the gap between the average viewer and the professional athlete she wants to attract. Theriverbender® family of products has got her the perfect edc toolkit and more. Plus, her very own crossbow that is sure to make a big impact in the global bow marketplace.

Tenpoint Shadow Crossbow

Tenpoint shadow crossbow features a innovative technology that allows you to create a large area of shadow in even the brightest light. This shadow crossbow is perfect for pierced or exposed skin, and is perfect for all types of shooters.

Tenpoint Shadow Nxt Crossbow Review

The tenpoint shadow & shadow nxt crossbows are two of the most popular among thetenpoint stag customers. The shadow is perfect for those who want the latest in crossbow technology with its black anodized aluminum frame and carbon fiber/carbon fiber designs. The shadow also comes with an hard case which includes all the features of the crossbow including the hard case, in-line with the tenpoint stag philosophy "the best customer service is key. " the shadow also comes with three cross bar levelers, three over-the-bar levelers, and two three-lettered cross bar levelers. the october mountain crossbow string 31. Tenpoint shadow nxt crossbow is a great crossbow for those looking for an advanced and performance-minded user. This crossbow comes with a 31. String, 3d graphics and a stealth nxt shadow nxt crossbow. This crossbow is perfect for those who want to explore the world and look forey safe crossbow for hunting or for use in strictly recreational shooting. the blackheart crossbow string tenpoint stealth nxt is perfect for those who want to avoid attention. This crossbow has a black heart which is reminiscent of a crossbow and is made from durable materials to ensure lasting use. This bow features a stealthy design that makes it difficult to track down. shadow nxt crossbow is a powerful crossbow that is perfect for those who want to stay hidden. It has a 31. 56 inch range and comes with the shadow nxt string tenpoint stealth nxt. This crossbow also features a quick-disconnect system that makes it easy to get away.